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Kheydesign joins forces to create Mondial Creative Labs

Thanks for visiting Since July 2009 Kheydesign has merged with other talented digital artists to start up the multimedia/post house/design agency MONDIAL CREATIVE LABS. Please visit for up to date info on the stylings of Kheydesign and the Bigger/Greater things that are coming out of the MCL office. Feel free to peruse the Kheydesign site for arch

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BF Goodrich sick footage and the music is okay

BF Goodrich created a rather insane campaign involving a new website, blog, and car footage from all over the country. If you scan through the videos on their YouTube page you may hear familiar tunes if you ever listened to Engine Down or Denali. Here is one of the videos that uses a little diddy I wrote, and features the wonderful Jonathan Fuller on drums.

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edited by: Nick Wurz

Heks Orkest in action


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Heks Orkest had quite an adventure with the Richmond weekend romp. Photo shows Now its back to work.

Heks Orkest


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So this is the new project involving old guys. Dont think we wont still sweat and tear a hole in your ear drum.
Its on like Donkey Kong. Check out a couple songs if your so inclined.

Lonely Island T-shirt designs

You may have been sitting around the water cooler when your buddy told you to look up a video called “Dick in a Box” a while back. This was one of the many fabulous creations from the SNL comedy group Lonely Island involving Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, and Andy Samberg. Best known for their best known for their musical parodies on Saturday Night Live the group also has a full length album called Incredibad. Kheydesign called upon to create some fine apparel for the following skits/songs “We like Sportz”, “I’m on a Boat”, and “Ras Trent”.

Lonely Island tee

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Lonely Island tee

Lonely Island tee

Get the shirts here

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testy i said

Macbeth Clothing line

MACBETH LOGOMacbeth is one of those companies that understands the connection between fashion and music. Rather than designing “rockstar” endorsed clothing simply for profit, they design shoes and clothing that they would want to wear themselves as musicians, artists, and skaters/surfers/bikers. Through the years Macbeth has been very supportive of bands that I have been apart of. I specifically remember wearing a single Macbeth shirt for an entire month after our (Engine Down) van, along with my suitcase full of clothes, was stolen at the beginnning of a tour. So they hold a place dear to my heart.While talking with a Macbeth representative backstage during a Sparta tour, we got past talking about music and started gearing towards future plans. I mentioned I was going to focus on design and less on touring and blaam, the spark ignited. Over a few months we talked about their ideas for a Spring 2009 clothing line. The idea style was based on an apocalyptic age. I was inspired and churned out ideas. Below are the designs that spawned from those ideas. For more on Macbeth and to buy the amazing clothing line go to play online casino Did I mention they have a vegan shoe?!

Click here to see the gallery

It was a Black Iris xmas

For those of you who do not know, Black Iris Studios is a wonderland of creativity. Just about everyone, no actually….everyone, that works there is or has been in a Richmond band that shaped the scene. They all work together to bring you the best tunes to your favorite commercials. Everytime you see a commercial that they have put their music to, you sit and wonder “Who the hell is this great band and how the hell does it fit so perfectly to this ad?” You can learn more about them at

So just to show their commitment to creativity and xmas spirit I wanted to display the xmas gifts that KHEYDESIGN had a part in.

bottle.jpg beer

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